About Us

the-dudeWe are a firm of specialist motoring solicitors dedicated to providing specialist representation to motorists who are investigated or prosecuted for a motoring offence. We are also dedicated to providing this representation at the lowest possible cost!

What makes us specialists in motoring law?

We specialise in representing motorists for motoring offences and do not undertake any other work. We have unrivalled experience in representing motorists before the courts of England and Wales, representing in excess of 600 motorists every year.

Owing to our specialism and experience, we have been able to save over 1000 motorists from disqualification from driving.

How are we able to provide specialist representation  at a lower cost than other motoring lawyers?

We are able to provide representation at a lower cost as we always advise our clients of the most cost effective way to deal with your case and keep our costs down by communicating with you by way of telephone and email.

We cover the whole of England and Wales!

As we communicate with our clients by way of telephone and email, we are able to represent motorists nationwide, throughout England and Wales. We also have a large number of specialist barristers throughout the country which allows us to provide representation at court no matter where you are.

Do we have an office?

We have offices in both London and Liverpool, allowing us to provide representation in both the North and South.

Whilst for our lowest fees we do not offer personal appointments at our offices, you are always welcome to visit us!