Exceptional Hardship

Many offences result in the endorsement of penalty points on your driving licence, the most obvious of these being speeding for which you can receive between 3 to 6 penalty points.

By law if you accumulate 12 or more penalty points within a three year period you will be disqualified from driving for 6 months or up to two years if you have previously been disqualified. This is commonly known as “totting up”.

We have a high success rate in helping motorists avoid disqualification for “totting up” on the grounds of “exceptional hardship”.

Exceptional Hardship

If as a result of a conviction you will accumulate 12 penalty points or more, we can make arguments to the court that you should not be disqualified or should be disqualified for a shorter period as a disqualification would result in “exceptional hardship”.

By thorough preparation of your case, our experience and expertise, we can persuade the court that the loss of your license would cause Exceptional Hardship. This exceptional hardship may include a number of circumstances:

  • The loss of your employment
  • The loss of your business
  • The loss of your home
  • Use of your motor vehicle to care for the elderly or disabled
  • Impact upon your family
  • Impact upon your employees

If the court is persuaded that “exceptional hardship” would be a consequence of your disqualification, they will not disqualify you or will reduce the period of disqualification.