We are Specialists in Speeding Offences

At Lowcostmotorlawyer we are able to help you if you want to challenge an allegation of speeding or if you accept speeding but want to minimise the number of points endorsed on your licence or avoid disqualification from driving.

What is the penalty for speeding?

  • Fine up to £2,500
  • 3 – 6 penalty points or disqualification 7 – 56 days (or higher)

If you are substantially above the speed limit, the magistrates have a discretion to disqualify you from driving. This will be the starting point for the magistrates, when your speed is a specified amount over the relevant speed limit.  Disqualification for speeding usually ranges between 7 and 56 days, however the magistrates do have a discretion to go beyond this where they think that the offence or the drivers record is so bad, that an increased period of disqualification is merited.

By way of exampe, if you are convicted of driving at a speed of 51mph or above within a 30mph speed limit, the starting point for the magistrates will be to consider your disqualification from driving for between 7 and 56 days.

Challenging a charge of speeding?

Unfortunately mistakes are made and people are sometimes charged with speeding offences which they have not committed or with offences which they cannot legally be prosecuted for. Some of the possible defences which apply to speeding offences are outlined below:

  • Factual – I was not speeding
  • Technical – Expired time limits (notice of intended prosecution or summons) and evidence of speed limit in force
  • Signage – The speed limit was not identifiable
  • Speed detection devices – was it approved, operating correctly and operated correctly.

If you do not believe that you have committed a speeding offence for which you are prosecuted and you wish to challenge the case against you, please telephone us in order that we may discuss the facts of your case and give you an honest appraisal of the prospects.

Minimising Your Sentence:


We can all make mistakes and it may be that you admit the offence of speeding and simply wish to minimise the penalty, including minimising penalty points or avoiding a disqualification from driving.

Depending upon the facts and seriousness of your case,  we can mitigate your sentence either by submitting written representation before the court which may avoid you having to attend court or we can attend court with you and present detailed mitigation on your behalf.

We have an enviable record for success in avoiding disqualification for motorists charged with speeding well in excess of the speed limit, including avoiding disqualification for a motorist driving at 84mph within a 30mph speed limit and 119mph within a 70mph speed limit.

Special Reasons:

In some cases of speeding, it may be that the court can be persuaded not to endorse penalty points on a persons driving licence on the grounds of “special reasons”.

Special reasons for the court not to endorse penalty points in speeding cases can include any circumstances which relate to the offence itself (e.g the reason for the speeding), amount to a mitigating or extenuating circumstance and which are such that the court feels it appropriate not to endorse penalty points.

Examples of special reasons cases where we have avoided the endorsement of penalty points include those cases where our clients have driven in an emergency (e.g. a medical emergency where there was a risk of harm), where there was a genuine belief that the speed limit in force was higher and even where our client has urgently required the toilet.